Monday, February 4, 2013


Greetings Observationalists,
Here is a sneak peek at a brand new series of swanicorn paintings I've been working on. They are all apart of a secret upcoming project which I'm hoping to announce sometime this spring....

8 of 12 paintings in progress

1) Rocketeer Swanicorn
2) Optimus Prime Swanicorn
3) Gundam Swanicorn
4) Protoman Swanicorn
5) Metroid Swanicorn
6) X -Wing Fighter Swanicorn
7) Green Ranger Swanicorn
8) MegaMan Swanicorn
9) ?
10) ?
11) ?
12) ?

OptimusPrime, XWingFighter, Protoman, Gundam Swanicorn

Rocketeer Swanicorn *work in progress

Megaman Swanicorn *work in progress

The Green Ranger Swanicorn *work in progress

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